Hitchin & Letchworth Powerlifting Club was founded in 1966 by Harry Hatch and John Grover.

The Hitchin Weightlifting Club was originally part of the Hitchin Youth Trust occupying a building at the Codicote Centre, Highbury Road, Hitchin. When the Trust decided that they would sell the site we were asked to find another venue for the Club.

We moved to a new and larger building at the Letchworth Corner Sports Club, Whitethorn Lane, Letchworth in October 2001.

We changed the club name to the Hitchin and Letchworth Weightlifting Club to reflect our history, location and membership.

Members must pay a membership fee to the Letchworth Corner Sports Club as members of the Weightlifting Section. In addition the weightlifting club members pay a nominal annual club membership and then a fee on each visit to the gym.

The Weightlifting Section is represented on the Management Committee by the Chairperson and Secretary.

The Hitchin and Letchworth Weightlifting Club is an affiliated member of the British Weightlifting Association (BWLA) and we hold the Divisional (East Midlands) Championships at the gym.

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You know you’re a Gym Weenie if……..

You skip a workout because its too hot or cold.
You wear gloves because you don’t want calluses.
You use chalk for little exercises like curls and flyes.
Squats are not part of your routine.
You think legs curls and extensions are effective leg exercises.
You consider yourself the best non-competitive lifter in the gym.
Your squats are so high that your nose bleeds.
Your legs fit into designer jeans.
You skip a workout and go out in the evening.
You only do crunches for abs.
You can only get a good workout by listening to music.
Most of your reps are half reps.
Your girlfriend or wife can life more than you.
You complain of back problems and do nothing about it.
You have a back problem so avoid squats and deadlifts.
You think that a “pump” is compulsory for a good workout.
You listen to Westlife.
You are so weak that you use more weight and do half the reps to keep up with everyone else.
You scream on every rep including warm-ups.
You think that if someone is stronger than you, then they must be on steroids.
You spend more time talking than training.

The above points, however true are not meant to cause offence are and purely for lighthearted entertainment and are not the views expressed by the members of Hitchin and Letchworth weightlifting club.

Left - Graham Hatch (Son of founder)
Right - Chris Anderson
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